Photography Exhibit 2016: Structures
Roman Gdyczynski + Margaret Gdyczynski

The foundations of our urban landscapes are not always evident.

In the city, buildings are erected behind plywood barriers and scaffolding; we only become aware of them once the structures are already towering overhead.  

When we move away from the city's centre, we encounter a landscape busy with large scale construction sites made up of columns, steel supports and concrete walls. These fundamental elements are the artifacts that will one day emerge in future archeological excavations. And they are the very elements we don't or won't see when buildings crop up seemingly overnight in the downtown core.

Bearing witness to the process of construction is powerful – it often triggers memories and prompts unexpected emotions in a viewer. This exhibit, a collaboration between a father-photographer and daughter-digital artist, explores the fundamentals and evolution of new builds and existing structures in Southern Ontario and New York.

  • dry canal dry canal
  • skyline skyline
  • steel wall steel wall soil support for underpass
  • central park central park
  • transit tunnel transit tunnel reinforced steel bar construction for tunnel
  • columbus circle columbus circle
  • columns columns steel spiral bar reinforcing concrete columns
  • structures structures
  • grand river bridge grand river bridge rebuild of old piers for new deck
  • high line high line
  • underpass view underpass view steel grate walkway
  • moment in time, balthazar moment in time, balthazar