ScotiaBank CONTACT Photography Festival 2012: Memories
Roman Gdyczynski + Margaret Gdyczynski

This exhibit is a collaboration of two artists: a traditional landscape photographer and a digital artist, both examining the concept of collective memory. Realistic landscapes are juxtaposed with abstract urban imagery or layered with nostalgic family snapshots to create digital collages. The result is a collection of images that explores how photographs cue our memories and consequently influence our personal interpretations.  

  • Morning Fog - Roman Gdyczynski Morning Fog - Roman Gdyczynski Dam Lake, Combermere Ontario
  • Summer Days - Margaret Gdyczynski Summer Days - Margaret Gdyczynski … when we were kids in Poland dad would drive us to the woods and we’d pick wild mushrooms and forest blueberries right by the side of the road...
  • First Sight of Winter - Roman Gdyczynski First Sight of Winter - Roman Gdyczynski Rockingham Creek, Renfrew Ontario
  • Urban Winter - Margaret Gdyczynski Urban Winter - Margaret Gdyczynski …I remember those heavily, snowed winter days. As kids we played in the parking lot of our apartment building, making forts and throwing snowballs at the cars driving by.
  • Autumn - Roman Gdyczynski Autumn - Roman Gdyczynski Centennial Park, Etobicoke Ontario
  • fish in the tub - Margaret Gdyczynski fish in the tub - Margaret Gdyczynski I remember coming home that day to find 10 live carp in the tub. My brother and I would poke and prod the fish in the pretense of helping them to survive. He told me the one floating on its side needs a drink of fresh water so I held its mouth directly under the tap. The fish made a final wriggle out of my hands and with a splash, sank to the bottom of the tub.
  • Moving Water - Roman Gdyczynski Moving Water - Roman Gdyczynski Eels Creek, Kawarthas Ontario
  • pencil crayons dipped in tea - Margaret Gdyczynski pencil crayons dipped in tea - Margaret Gdyczynski ...we drew every day, all day. Babcia (grandmother) brought us tea. We dipped our pencil crayons in the hot liquid and coloured in our butterflies, feeling proud of our invention.
  • Cranberry Marsh - Roman Gdyczynski Cranberry Marsh - Roman Gdyczynski Rockingham Road, Renfrew Ontario
  • Structures - Margaret Gdyczynski Structures - Margaret Gdyczynski