Photography Show 2015: Constructed Landscapes
Roman Gdyczynski + Margaret Gdyczynski

This exhibit is a collaboration between a photographer and a digital artist. The photographs capture the evolving industrial landscape. These images document changes occurring in the infrastructure and are in stark contrast to the natural landscape that once existed in its place. However, there is a beauty and harmony in these structures which stems from the same elements of design that occur in the natural world.

The digital composite photographs suggest this similarity and at the same time trigger our personal associations, which often have nothing in common with the industrial landscape. In this way the layered images inform and confront each other, blurring lines between public/private and natural/man-made.

  • train station train station
  • new and old structures new and old structures
  • rainy day at the airport rainy day at the airport
  • london london
  • overpass construction overpass construction
  • the pier in herne bay the pier in herne bay
  • connecting ramps connecting ramps
  • places visited places visited
  • concrete curve concrete curve
  • stones stones
  • unexpected turn unexpected turn
  • story of immigration story of immigration